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For over a century, the geology and geophysics program at S&T has provided students with comprehensive educational experiences. This dynamic program includes active participation with hands-on experiences while working on numerous research projects all over the world.

Geology and geophysics students learn to understand the formation, structure and evolution of the earth and other planets while exploring for oil, gas, minerals and other natural resources - predicting natural hazards and protecting our environment.

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Globe shakers

Michael Bradford, senior

Spelunking for a cause

Michael Bradford, senior in geology and geophysics with a minor in geological engineering, does not shy away from dirty work. Currently, he is doing research with the Missouri Bat Census that involves checking caves for bats with White Nose Syndrome (WNS), a disease that causes abnormal behavior in bats and eventually leads to their death.

“I look for the white fungal growth on the bats, usually around the wing and muzzle area,” he says. “After each cave trip, I have to follow strict decontamination procedures to be sure not to spread WNS.” [Read more]


The geology and geophysics program is accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement.